Electrical – Air Conditioning – Photovoltaics: Solutions for your energy control

Industrial & health

Artec Groupe is involved in the construction and renovation of industrial and healthcare buildings, offering customized, innovative and sustainable solutions. Our services cover a wide range of fields, including production sites, pharmaceutical laboratories, perfume factories, medical centers, data centers, logistics sites and food processing plants.

We understand the unique challenges these industries face, and offer customized solutions to overcome performance and environmental challenges.

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Projets rénovation pour industries et santé

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Solutions tailored to each industrial sector to optimize your production process while meeting sustainability and safety requirements.

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We offer a complete range of services in the fields of electricity, home automation, air conditioning, plumbing and photovoltaics, reducing the number of contacts.



We adopt a global approach, combining technical expertise, know-how and an in-depth understanding of the specific needs of each industrial customer.

Design office

Our design office works closely with our industrial customers to develop tailor-made solutions. Our industry experience and know-how enable us to deliver projects that match your ambitions.

We use advanced design methods, such as BIM, to create installations that maximize energy efficiency and safety.

Electrical & Home Automation

Artec Groupe offers advanced electrical and home automation solutions, tailored to the specific requirements of industrial and healthcare environments for intelligent, efficient energy management.

Integration of home automation systems for intelligent process automation, reducing operating costs and improving safety.

Innovative energy solutions to optimize consumption and reduce carbon footprint (BMS: building management systems, IRVE terminals, etc.).

Installation of advanced security systems to protect your infrastructures and employees.

Air conditioning & Plumbing

Our air conditioning and plumbing systems are designed to meet the unique needs of industrial facilities, ensuring comfort and reliability.

High-performance air conditioning systems to maintain optimum conditions in production areas.

Installation of robust, cost-effective plumbing systems tailored to industrial requirements.

Regular maintenance contracts to guarantee system longevity and efficiency.

Solar Energy

Our photovoltaic solutions for the industrial sector offer a sustainable renewable energy source, reducing costs and supporting green initiatives.

Installation of solar panels for autonomous energy production, reducing dependence on the electricity grid.

Photovoltaic systems designed to maximize return on investment through optimized energy production.

Solar solutions integrated into industrial design, offering both aesthetics and durability.