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Our CSR commitment

Because it is necessary to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, while ensuring the safety of our employees and reducing our environmental footprint; because it is imperative to aim for objectives without forgetting the origin of the company's success, Artec Groupe advocates the following values:




Team spirit

Our employees are an essential resource for the smooth running and development of our company. Respect for human rights and good working conditions, skills development through training, diversity and equal opportunities in recruitment, rewarding collective and individual performance, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance are the cornerstones of our social policy.


Striving for excellence

  • Continuous improvement

    Professionalism and continuous improvement are the cornerstones of our quality policy.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Meeting customer expectations (deadlines, costs, quality, etc.) by listening to our customers and measuring their satisfaction.

  • Quality work

    A common goal of 0 defects.

  • Qualified professionals

    Qualified, trained and informed personnel.

  • A suitable environment

    By maximizing safety on construction sites and during work-related journeys; by encouraging responsible behavior on the part of our employees.

  • Employee health and safety

    By maintaining an adequate level of health and safety for our employees through training and medical follow-up.

  • Analyzing problems

    By analyzing incidents/accidents.


Prioritizing health and safety in the workplace

Environmental Responsibility

Developing our business and preserving the future

We are committed to developing our practices in line with this environmental policy, and we ask all our staff to ensure compliance with this policy, which applies to all our activities, on all the sites where we operate, in the office as well as in the workshop, in the depot as well as on construction sites.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Elimination of combustion-powered vehicles from our fleet by replacing them with electric vehicles within 5 years.

Regular maintenance of our vehicle fleet.

Encourage employees to adopt energy-efficient driving habits.

Optimization of our travel plan.


Reduce waste

Adopt a "zero paper" organization and encourage useful printing on eco-labeled paper.

Default duplex setting on printing equipment.

Limit office administrative waste.


Raise employee awareness

Make employees aware of waste collection procedures, good waste management practices and the environmental problems associated with their activities.

Encourage the purchase of green and energy-efficient supplies and equipment.


Thinking about lighting

Influence the choice of equipment by encouraging customers to purchase energy-saving lamps and automatic lighting shut-offs.

Help customers to use products and services in an environmentally sensitive way.