Electrical – Air Conditioning – Photovoltaics: Solutions for your energy control

Service Sector

Artec Groupe helps companies in the service sector to create office space, luxury boutiques, hotels and restaurants.

Our approach is focused on creating professional environments that go beyond aesthetics to include functionality, energy efficiency and comfort - environments where employee well-being and the customer experience are paramount.

Our integrated electrical, home automation, air-conditioning and fit-out solutions reflect our commitment to meeting the most demanding requirements of the commercial market.

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For Whom

Are you a business owner looking to create efficient, pleasant working environments?

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Complete solutions in electricity, home automation, air conditioning, plumbing, photovoltaics and office design to reduce the number of contacts.

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Our approach is based on attentive listening and close collaboration with our customers, guaranteeing that our projects are carried out in line with their vision.

Electrical office

Artec Groupe's design office is at the heart of development projects in the commercial sector, where innovation and expertise meet to create detailed plans and customized solutions.

We use state-of-the-art tools to guarantee projects that not only meet today's expectations, but are also ready for the future.

Electricité & Home Automation

Our electrical and home automation installations bring significant added value to office buildings, improving both the efficiency and comfort of the workspace, and the ecological transition through the installation of IRVE terminals, for example.

Installation of advanced electrical and home automation systems for optimal energy management.

Customized solutions to ensure optimum comfort while guaranteeing the safety of your employees and customers.

Installation of solar solutions and energy-saving systems to reduce carbon footprint and energy costs.

Air conditioning & Plumbing

Our air conditioning systems are designed to meet the specific requirements of commercial buildings, guaranteeing optimum comfort and functionality.

Installation of air conditioning and heating systems adapted to large commercial spaces.

Innovative plumbing systems that combine water savings and performance.

Regular maintenance to ensure the longevity and efficiency of systems.

Professional fittings

Artec Groupe offers solutions focused on creating professional spaces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing and representative of your corporate image.

Designing office spaces that promote productivity while reflecting a modern aesthetic.

Selection of furniture and decorative elements to complement interior design.

Creating flexible workspaces that can adapt to changing needs.